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An eventful few days for Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee

On this Wednesday, August 6, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit will review same-sex marriage cases from each of the four states in its geographic area – Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee.Read More

NBC News article raises public awareness of LGBT youth homelessness crisis

An article published yesterday by NBC News titled "Left Behind: LGBT Homeless Youth Struggle to Survive on the Streets" details the experiences of homeless LGBT youth in New York City. Read More

It is getting better for LGBT youth in Chile with Todo Mejora

For LGBT youth in Chile and Latin America, Todo Mejora (Chile’s version of It Gets Better) is currently the country’s only organization targeted at helping specifically LGBT youth. Read More

VIDEO: Documentary reveals persecution faced by young LGBT Jamaicans

UK’s VICE News released a short documentary about life in Jamaica for LGBT youth, titled “Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens.” Read More

New charter school bill passed, protections for North Carolina LGBT students dropped

LGBT students will no longer be protected in North Carolina charter schools after the state’s House of Representatives approved new legislation that does not prohibit charter schools from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Read More

Towing company removed cars from Gay Days event, charged with grand theft auto

The owner of an Orange County, Florida towing company has been arrested for illegally towing the cars of visitors of last month’s Gay Days events. Read More

Study finds some LGBT youth of color more likely to attempt suicide

LGBT youth are much more likely than straight youth to attempt suicide.Read More

PHOTOS: "We Are the Youth" book showcases America's LGBT youth

"We Are the Youth," an online photographic journalism project that has been documenting portraits and interviews with LGBT youth across America since 2010, has now been printed into a book.Read More
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