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VIDEO: Daughter of same-sex couple can win big and she needs your help

Olivia Kelly, a Massachusetts teenager who shared her heart-warming story of her mom marrying another woman, is now a finalist for a $50,000 scholarship and she needs your help! Read More

FDA rejects deceased gay teen's organ donation because he was gay

Openly gay teen AJ Betts committed suicide over a year ago at his home in Iowa. Read More

Billy Bean, the Yankees, and at-risk LGBT youth give each other hope

Yesterday, former Major League Baseball player Billy Bean partnered with the New York Yankees to meet with LGBT youth in Manhattan. Read More

It's back to school season! Campus Pride's annual listing of LGBT-friendly colleges released today

Just in time for back to school season, Campus Pride has released its annual listing of LGBT-friendly colleges today! Read More

Williams Institute estimates economic impact of marriage equality in Michigan

The Williams Institute at UCLA has released reports on the economic boost of marriage for same-sex couples should marriage equality come to Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Read More

Delaware summer reading controversy comes to a surprising end

A high school in Delaware decided to completely eliminate their summer reading list following a controversy over a book with a lesbian main character.Read More

Star of "ex-gay" group NARTH's rebranding video condemns the organization

Last week when the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) decided to rebrand itself, they released a "Breaking News" launch video. Read More

From urban to rural, a call for increased support for LGBT youth across the US

Organizations across the country have sounded a call for a boost in support for LGBT youth, many of whom experience discrimination and homelessness. Read More
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