Jewish Spirit on Spirit Day


Jewish communities have also embraced Spirit Day in support of safe schools for LGBT students. Such support has come in a variety of ways.

Spirit Day falls in the midst of holy days on the calendar. Beth Chayim Chadashim in Los Angeles, Calif., will celebrate the Jewish holy day of Simchat Torah, which celebrates the beginning of a new liturgical year tonight. They have encouraged their members to wear purple that night. Rabbi Lisa Edwards will also talk a bit about Spirit Day during the service.

On Friday, October 21, Bet Mishpachah Washington, D.C., will be participating with a service built around the theme of Spirit Day.

Congregation Simchat HaLev in Syosset, NY, promoted a public service in the Syosset Patch, inviting the whole community to wear purple and join the congregation for Friday services around the theme of Spirit Day. Rabbi Jay Weinstein says, “Wearing purple today says ‘I believe that all people should not be judged’ and wearing purple at Simchat Torah services says, ‘I have spirit and I support the inclusion of all people.’"

Additionally, Jewish organizations promoted Spirit Day. We had previously promoted the safe schools curriculum promoted by Keshet. However, the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco both created an event for their constituency and wrote a great call to action for others to wear purple.

If synagogues or organizations want to incorporate the themes of Spirit Day into their work and ministry, GLAAD invites you to use any of the faith resources compiled at the Spirit Day website. Please send updates, videos, or photos of you or your community participating in Spirit Day!

Celebrate your ruach today!