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Former anti-gay activist: "I've never met an 'ex-gay' man I thought was not still attracted to men"

GLAAD's Jeremy Hooper gets into some of the nitty gritty of former "ex-gay" activist Yvette Cantu Schneider's work, her feelings toward the anti-LGBT movement, and what she has to say to those who she might have hurt.Read More

Change is possible: Former 'ex-gay' activist Yvette Schneider 'celebrates the worthiness and equality of all people'

Yvette Cantu Schneider has one of the most robust pedigrees of anyone who has ever worked in the so-called "ex-gay" movement. Yvette has reached out to GLAAD to share her story—one that will come as a shock to her former colleagues and allies.Read More

National Organization for Marriage launches its most ludicrous campaign yet

The National Organization for Marriage is launching a major boycott of JP Morgan Chase based on flimsy evidence, conjecture, and more than a little paranoia.Read More

The one where Regnerus, most criticized researcher in recent memory, criticizes others' research

Mark Regnerus has the gall to go after a new Australian study that suggests kids of same-sex parents are doing quite well.Read More

FRC continues to let person who's called for 'exporting' and criminalizing gays speak for org.

Peter Sprigg is a man who, if his stated "logic" were allowed to play out the way he wants, would find LGBT people literally thrown in jail, perhaps on some remote non-American island somewhere, for simply being gay.Read More

Fox News insists the IRS "intentionally leaked" NOM's documents after judge says that's not the case

It's clear that NOM and its allies in the conservative media are trying to blast out a new set of "facts" so that they can re-frame their loss against the IRS in their favor.Read More

READ: 'Washington Times' running a special NOM #March4Marriage supplement in 6/19 paper

Apparently, the official media outlet for the National Organization for Marriage's #March4Marriage is the Washington Times. Take a look at what they will be printing. Read More

Salvatore Cordileone's #March4Marriage response is false witness to the extreme

After Minority Leader Pelosi, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, a host of other elected officials, and a cadre of LGBT organizational leaders called out his planned appearance at the National Organization For Marriage's anti-gay "March For Marriage," San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone issued a lengthy response in which he purports to "explain" why we are all mistaken about NOM, its allies, and their intentions.Read More
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