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Are some anti-LGBT activists missing a self-awareness gene?

Peter LaBarbera, longtime anti-LGBT activist, claimed that people like him who oppose LGBT rights for a living are being treated the way the Nazis treated the Jews.Read More

Bryan Fischer outs MS trans man, incites harassment and violence

Bryan Fischer outed a Mississippi transgender man, claiming he was committing "biological fraud." Now that man is facing harassment and potential violence.Read More

Questions we'd like reporters to ask at the Values Voter Summit

Typically, the media portrays the Values Voters Summit as little more than a right-leaning political gathering. The truth is that the Values Voters Summit has an assembled roster that deserves accountability for their actions.Read More

What is Mark Regnerus' new international video project?

Mark Regnerus, who is now infamous in American political circles for his flawed, widely repudiated, far-right-concocted "study" that was designed to slight same-sex parents in order to influence the 2012 elections and the Supreme Court, seems to have international aspirations.Read More

Mainstream media is catching on to NOM's broader agenda

The National Organization For Marriage has shift has been noticeable. While once almost obsessively concerned about its image in order to be seen as an organization that's focused on public policy, in recent years NOM has shown itself to be animus-driven. Read More

Anti-LGBT activist wishes the US punished LGBT people by life imprisonment, just like Uganda and Gambia

Longtime anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera is praising nations like Uganda and Gambia, where homosexuality is punished by life imprisonment. According to Peter, these nations are far better off than the United States.Read More

FRC's newest star pushes same old animus

Travis Weber is a name that has been popping up more and more at the Family Research Council's propaganda mill. FRC apparently thinks he's the guy who's going to help the anti-LGBT right score points in their push to pass license-to-discriminate bills all across this nation.Read More

Mike Huckabee uses Fox News platform to push 'religious liberty' lies

If the facts are laid out so clearly, why does Mick Huckabee and Fox News ignore them? Read More
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