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Why the #ModernWedding matters

Mitch and Cam's wedding may have led the equality movement even more than we realize.Read More

American Family Association equates Michael Sam with brain concussion

The American Family Association's senior issue analyst, Bryan Fischer, thinks NFL draftee Michael Sam, by simple virtue of being a gay man, is "the sexual equivalent of a brain concussion." And according to the AFA's top staffer, the NFL should be forcing Sam into scientifically-shunned "reparative therapy."Read More

They hate nothing more than own words: Tony Perkins debates legitimacy of fully sourced quotes

It wouldn't matter to Tony that all of the quotes are presented intact and linked out to their sources. They use the fact that they dislike and disagree with GLAAD as a way of discrediting the hard facts.Read More

Scott Lively stirring Russia's pot: A timeline

When it comes to ardent anti-LGBT advocate Scott Lively, it's best to know the spot on the globe to which he is most fully directing his focus. Read More

Why is Rush Limbaugh so obsessed with Don Lemon's sex life?

Whenever Rush Limbaugh mentions CNN anchor Don Lemon, he always is sure to mention Lemon's sex life. Why the obsession?Read More

Maggie Gallagher can't stop admitting our imminent victory

Why is Ms. Gallagher on a de facto promotional tour in which she waves the white flag and tells anyone who would listen that the marriage equality movement that she had so viciously fought for so long was going to win the whole thing any day now.Read More

Matt Barber cries foul that "God and the Gay Christian" isn't anti-LGBT like he is

Matthew Vines has studied scripture and found that there is no basis for LGBT exclusion. Matt Barber attacks the publishing house that wants to create dialog about these issues. Read More

The rise of toxic terminology: Losing anti-LGBT movement turns to corrosive labeling

Far too many of the top anti-LGBT voices seem to be okay with (or even eager to) persuade our fellow citizens that we, a long-denied and discriminated against population that truly wants nothing more than our rightful place at the table, are a pervasive force rivaling any of history's worst. Read More
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