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American Family Association’s hope for COVID-19: Fewer kids in LGBTQ-affirming schools

As we come together in these trying times, most of us are holding on to hope. Hope for the health of those who have contracted the virus. Hope for the economic wellbeing of those who are hard hit.

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Pride in the Time of Pandemic: A New World

At one time there was not a mysterious plague. And then there was.

At one time private relationships behind closed doors were illegal. And then justice prevailed.

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Team Trump to rally at ‘Gay is Not Okay’ church

Here is Pastor Lawrence Bishop II of Ohio's Solid Rock Church crudely mocking lesbians, condemning "limp-wristed" church leaders who are "dancing like a fairy," and insisting that he wants people who "struggle with homosexuality"&nb

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If Grenell's global campaign is working, someone forgot to tell LGBTQ Ugandans

Two prominent Ugandan newspapers published salacious reports of a same-sex marriage that was supposedly performed at a pro-LGBTQ church in Uganda. This follows Ugandan politicians resurrecting a worse version of the so-called "Kill The Gays" bill and the murder of a prominent young LGBTQ activist -- the fourth to occur in Uganda in just a four month period.

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The least-you-can-tweet: Don’t fall for POTUS’s ‘support’

You'd be forgiven if you assumed this was one of the many parody accounts that troll Trump on Twitter:

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