Jeremy Hooper Talks with CNN's Carol Costello about Chick-Fil-A

Blogger and author Jeremy Hooper appeared on CNN this morning to talk about the LGBT community’s reaction to today’s anti-gay “Chick-Fil-A appreciation day” and president Dan Cathy’s anti-gay statements and donations. Hooper, who also serves as a Special Projects Consultant for GLAAD, notes that Cathy’s comments went well beyond simply opposing marriage equality, by calling it “twisted up” and saying that making it legal is “inviting God’s wrath.”

Hooper told CNN that just as Cathy is entitled to express his opinion with regard to marriage equality, the LGBT community has every right to respond by taking their business elsewhere. Hooper contends that the issue is not one of free speech or religious freedom, since Cathy is not being censored or prevented from holding his anti-LGBT beliefs, but rather one of people choosing to give their business to companies they know hold similar values. By supporting businesses whose values are in the best interest of the LGBT community, we know that our money is not going to support a cause we do not agree with.


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