Jennifer Tyrrell Tells CNN That Boy Scouts Already Know Gay Scouts and Leaders Should Be Included

As the Boy Scouts of America surveys pack leaders about gay scouts, CNN welcomed Ohio mom Jennifer Tyrrell to speak about this latest development and what it means for a possible end to the ban on gay scouts and leaders. Earlier this week, Towleroad shared several screenshots of the Boy Scouts survey, showing questions that present a variety of scenarios involving gay scouts and asking how parents, scouts and leaders would react and respond. 

Jennifer told CNN that the survey is unnecessary in light of the vast amount of information available affirming that there is no justifiable reason for keeping gay people from openly joining the Boy Scouts. "They really don't need to continue to have surveys and call-ins," Jennifer said. "We're not looking to take down scouts, we want to be a part of scouts, and we're telling them that there is absolutely no reason that gay people can't safely join Scouts." Jennifer also noted, as have GLAAD and other advocates, that some of the questions seem designed to push respondents toward keeping the ban. 

GLAAD is continuing to put pressure on the Boy Scouts to end the discriminatory policy banning gay scouts and leaders. Recently, GLAAD successfully called for singer Carly Rae Jepsen and the band Train to cancel their scheduled performances at the Boy Scouts Jamboree and refuse to support the BSA until the organization welcomes gay people. To read more about our work with JenZach WahlsWill OliverGreg Bourke, and so many others who are standing up for inclusion - and to add your own voice to the millions who want the BSA to lift the ban - go to