Jennifer Tyrrell and the NOH8 Campaign urge Boy Scouts to end anti-gay ban

The NOH8 campaign has announced its plans to work with Jennifer Tyrrell, Ohio mom and ousted openly gay pack leader, on a new campaign. The NOH8 campaign is offering complimentary NOH8 photos to any Scout who attends any upcoming NOH8 photo shoots in uniform and with a Scout ID to show their support for gay Scouts.

"This isn't just about boy scouts this is about equality in all aspects of life. Boy scouts needs to realize that they're sending a dangerous message to children by telling them that they're not good enough. Together with GLAAD, I am making sure no parent ever has to look their child in the eye and say we're not good enough. You have no idea how much that hurts because Alicia and I are good enough and these kids, that we're raising, are amazing. Ask anyone."

Jennifer Tyrrell, together with GLAAD, is launching a new petition to urge the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to completely lift its anti-gay ban on both youth members and adult employees and volunteers. To take action on this issue please visit

GLAAD first started calls for the Boy Scouts of America to end its ban on gay scouts and scout leaders in April 2012 after Jennifer Tyrrell, a mom and den leader from Ohio was removed from her 7-year-old’s Cub Scout Pack for being gay. Tyrrell’s petition has attracted more than 343,000 signatures in support of ending the Boy Scouts’ ban on gay Scouts and leaders. For more on GLAAD's work on this campaign, including a timeline of key events, visit