Jeffrey Marsh and other Vine users tell LGBT youth they've #GotYourBack

Vine star Jeffrey Marsh  has been busy building a community of followers dedicated to being true to themselves and embracing who they are. With over 200k followers and over 125 million views on their 6-second videos, Marsh has been reaching many LGBT people and allies with their message of love and acceptance. Marsh has created globally trending hashtags such as #NoTimeToHateMyself and #DontSayThatsSoGay, messages that promote self-love and respect among the LGBT community. These hashtags – and Marsh's videos in general – have garnered a greatly positive response from followers, as they help spread Marsh's message that everyone should be comfortable with who they are and embrace their differences.

These are the messages GLAAD hopes to promote to our followers through the #GotYourBack campaign – that you can be your true self and will be fully supported by the LGBT community and allies. By posting a picture online with the hashtag #GotYourBack and signing the pledge at, you can pledge to be an ally to the LGBT community and show that you are a supporter. We have already seen amazing participation from our followers and notable celebrities, such as Tyra Banks, actresses Sara Ramirez from Grey's Anatomy and Elizabeth Perkins from Weeds, country singer Ty Herndon, and mixed martial artist Tecia Torres. GLAAD is now excited to join Jeffrey Marsh's efforts on Vine, encouraging all of our followers to show their support with their own unique 6-second video and share them with the hashtag #GotYourBack.