Jason Collins will be Michelle Obama's guest for the State of the Union

Jason Collins, openly gay advocate and professional athlete, will be among the first lady's guests at tomorrow's State of the Union address.

As a guest, Jason will be joining Michelle and Second Lady Jill Biden in the House Chambers during the president's speech. Traditionally, the event's guests highlight major themes of the annual address, such as when the Newtown families of the school shooting's victims attended last year when President Obama urged for gun control reform, according to Politico. This year, the president is expected to discuss equality for the LGBT community, as well as education policy and congressional gridlock.

Several additional inspiring figures will join Jason as guests of the first lady. Two survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, 2013's Teacher of the Year, and the Fire Chief of Moore, Oklahoma are among those included on the guest list, which has only been partially revealed.

Jason is considered to be the first openly gay male to be an active player for a major American team sport. President Obama even called Jason to say he "couldn't be prouder" of the ground-breaking athlete when he publicly announced that he was gay in the spring of 2013. In addition to his time in the NBA with teams like the Boston Celtics, Jason is known for his advocacy efforts, including a recent PSA about the Affordable Care Act and his role as a 2013 Spirit Day Ambassador.