Jackie and Juliet Evancho talk about the importance of respecting trans kids as we look back on the best moments from #TransWeek 2017

Between November 13 – 17, individuals and organizations around the country participated in Transgender Awareness Week to help raise the visibility of transgender people, and address the issues the community faces. GLAAD celebrated #TransWeek in style by highlighting the diversity of the trans community and spreading awareness of issues it faces. Check out GLAAD's best moments of #TransWeek below!

Jackie and Juliet Evancho sent an important message about respecting trans students

Sisters Jackie and Juliet celebrated #TransWeek by sending a message of support to trans students everywhere. They discuss why it is important to be inclusive of trans students and stand against anti-LGBTQ bullying. Juliet has a personal relationship and understanding of trans students, as she sued her school district in Pennsylvania so that she could use the women's restroom like all the other girls in her school. Juliet's win was a major victory for trans equality when her school district agreed to rescind its discriminatory bathroom policy for transgender students. Her case is now being used as an example in other trans students' efforts to make their schools safer and more accessible.

GLAAD went #BeyondtheBinary 

The #BeyondtheBinary campaign kicked off #TransWeek by bringing attention to a part of the trans community that often does not get representation in meda; non-binary trans people. The three-part series brought awareness and understanding on how to be inclusive for all people, regardless of gender identity. 

The first part of going #BeyondtheBinary was a how-to guide on using gender-inclusive language. 

 These graphics offered easy steps towards changing your language to be more gender inclusive, such as using folks instead of guys, or using everyone instead of men or women. 

Along with the informative graphics, GLAAD encouraged people to take action by signing a pledge to put this language into practice in their daily lives. 

For the last part of the #BeyondtheBinary campaign, GLAAD created a photo series highlighting people who are non-binary. 

The photo series launched with them., Conde Nast's next-generation community platform that chronicles and celebrates the stories, people, and voices that are emerging and inspiring, ranging in topics from pop culture and style to politics and news, all through the lens of today’s LGBTQ community.

Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black loved the series!

 GLAAD held a conversation with trans men about masculinity

During #TransWeek, GLAAD hosted a Twitter chat in which transmasculine advocates and entertainers discussed their experiences discovering, and crafting, their own masculinity. The Twitter chat featured Tiq Milan, Brian Michael, Stephen Ira, and Rodrigo Lehtinen

Questions were aimed at explaining how trans men must create their own masculinity. Even Laverne Cox loved the conversation!


How to resist the anti-trans policies of 2017

GLAAD released a guide to fighting back against three of the most publicized anti-trans policies of 2017.

We unpacked just what exactly these policies are and fact-checked the arguments behind the transgender military ban, so-called "bathroom bills," and the rescindence of school and workplace non-discrimination policies. GLAAD then provided ways you personally can take action against these discriminatory policies, organizations to support, and resources to consume and share. 

LGBTQ artists called for more queer representation in music

In a video led by Justin Tranter, and directed by Steve Pyne and Mia Roe, LGBTQ artists such as RuPaul, Shane McAnally, and the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles spoke on the need for increased queer representation in the music industry. They also spoke about how representation and music were important to their lives. Justin is a musician, songwriter and activist. He has written songs for many notable artists, including Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, DNCE, Kesha, and Fall Out Boy. Justin was the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons and is also a board member of GLAAD.

Sam Smith felt that it was powerful and important, and we couldn't agree more!

Trans influencers took over GLAAD's Instagram

For #TransWeek, GLAAD enlisted the help of influencers Tiq Milan, Zeke Smith, Jazz Jennings and Nikita Dragun to take over Instagram.

GLAAD looked #BeyondtheSurface

GLAAD sat down with transgender people and their families for a look beyond the surface of what it means to be trans. This video series explores a variety of issues affecting the trans community. GLAAD sat down with Ivory Aquino, Jodie Patterson, Chris and Courtney Rhodes, and Tiq Milan.

The people spotlighted in "Beyond the Surface" speak about their experiences with trans representation in the media, societal expectations and gender roles forced onto children from a young age, and the specific risks transgender people (especially trans youth) face. But they also talk about the positive—family bonds that are stronger than fears, the ways in which things are changing for the better, calls to action against anti-trans policies and rhetoric in our daily lives, and messages of love and resiliency for transgender youth.

GLAAD raised visibility for transgender and gender non-conforming people

Aimed at uplifting the work of trans artists, GLAAD compiled a list of transgender artists and musicians to follow. All the spotlighted projects are created by trans people and about trans people. Among them, a webseries, podcast, poetry, books, documentaries, YouTubers, and even cartoons!

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