Isis King Leaves America's Next Top Model but Continues to Make Great Strides for the Trans Community

Transgender model Isis King was among the fan favorites who returned to the all-star edition of the popular CW program America's Next Top Model (ANTM), but was unfortunately voted off in this week's episode.  All the same, the contributions Isis has made to transgender visibility on television this season should be celebrated.

Isis was first discovered by Tyra Banks when she posed in a homeless youth focused photo shoot in the program's tenth season. She lived at the Ali Forney Center for LGBT Homeless Youth at the time. Banks then encouraged her to audition for the following season, landing her a spot on cycle 11. Since then she has made several appearances on The Tyra Banks Show and was able to share her story on both programs.

Recently Isis was given a second chance at the ANTM title but was sadly eliminated on Wednesday night. While going home, she had to hear transphobic comments from another contestant, Camille McDonald: “I need to go out there and I need to deliver because how am I going to have someone who’s transgender do a better job than the actual real woman.” Isis herself said in her Twitter feed that everything is alright between the two of them and that she will continue to watch this cycle despite her elimination which she deemed unjustified.

Through her appearances, Isis has contributed to significant strides in transgender representation in the media and has given viewers a better understanding of the transgender community. GLAAD would like to thank Isis for being such a strong advocate and is asking others to send her a message of support via Twitter. You can reach Isis at @msisisking and send her the following tweet or create your own:

It was sad to see @msisisking go from @CW_ANTM, but thank you for continuing to share your story! Pls RT! #LGBT