For interfaith gay couples, another wedding obstacle

The New York Times On Religion column explores a different question in marriage equality. What happens when clergy support marrying same-sex couples, but not interfaith couples? It tells the story of Connie Knapp and Ann Corey, who sought a wedding that reflected both of their religous beliefs. The couple waited until section 3 of DOMA was struck down.

There was just one obstacle. Ms. Knapp, born and raised Catholic, was now a Presbyterian studying for the ministry. Ms. Corey was from a Reform Jewish background. The women, both 65, were about to discover that in an era of growing acceptance of gay marriage, they would have no trouble finding clergy members ready to perform a same-sex ceremony. An interfaith ceremony, however, looked like a deal-breaker.

If the realization took them by surprise, Ms. Knapp and Ms. Corey were far from alone. As tolerance for same-sex marriage rapidly grows, interfaith gay couples are finding that the same spiritual leaders who support the civil right to wed might object on theological grounds to religiously mixed ceremonies.

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