Inspiring mama and awesome teen tell their story










If you love a mom who stands up for her kids without one second of hesitation, you are going to love Ofelia Barba. When she found out her child was being bullied at school, including by a teacher, Barba essentially said "no, that won't happen to my daughter" and set off to change the situation. Ofelia's the mother of three kids, one of whom, Zoey Luna, happens to be transgender. Their story, along with that of super supportive sister Letty, will be told in Dante Alencastre's new documentary, "Raising Zoey." Alencastre, a Peruvian-born documentarian has made several films telling stories about transgender men and women, including "In the Fire" which followed several fearless members of Peru's trans community. He was also the creative force behind "Transvisible," about trail blazer Bamby Salcedo.

Alencastre is trying to raise funds now to finish Raising Zoey, via GoFundMe. His goal is $2500 of which he's raised $1850.