Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce believes suppressing marriage equality is bad for business

In 2011 Indiana passed the first round of approval for an amendment that would change the states constitution to define marriage to be only between a man and a woman. The Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce believes that if the General Assembly approves the proposal, it will have a negative impact on the city’s business climate.

“Writing what we considered to be discriminatory language into the Indiana constitution would really fly in the face of a lot of our economic development efforts, specifically our efforts to show people Indiana is a welcoming place, because we want people to be moving here, not just from the East and West Cost but from all over the world,” Huber says.

Megan Robertson, who heads the bipartisan group Freedom Indiana, says the Chamber’s stance sends a message that HRJ6 is bad for business.

“Public opinion is shifting incredibly quickly on this issue, and that’s motivating more people to get involved and say do we want to go down this road,” she says. “While most of the country is moving toward equality, do we want to be moving in this direction and planting a flag that certain people aren’t welcome here in Indiana. I think most Hoosiers are saying that’s not what we want to be about.”

Indiana Public Media has the story.