I'm From Driftwood Spotlights Black LGBT Community

In honor of Black History Month, the storytelling project I’m From Driftwood spotlighted members of the Black LGBT community. The online video series which collects and shares LGBT stories from all over the world also made a commitment to feature more stories of all people of color and different ethnicities beyond this month.

In “Amber Hikes (I'm From Atlanta, GA) - True Bisexual Stories,” Amber shared a touching “coming out” story about her mother who was a straight ally. “My experience is that people of color, when I hear their coming out stories, there’s always some element of tragedy or real struggle or estrangement from their families, and while that certainly has been the case with a lot of people, it wasn’t my experience,” Amber explained.

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In “Laverne Cox (I'm From Mobile, AL) - True Transgender Stories,” trans advocate and TV producer Laverne Cox remembered the bullying she experienced as a child, and how it’s similar to the transphobia she experiences as an adult.

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And in “Tyrone Smith (I'm From Kinston, NC) - True Gay Stories” Tyrone, a 70-year-old gay man, recalled the onset of the AIDS epidemic and the pain it caused, but also how it brought the black LGBT community closer together than ever.

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GLAAD commends I’m From Driftwood for elevating the stories of LGBT people of color. We encourage other media outlets to follow in their example.

For all the videos in their Black Community Spotlight Week, visit http://www.imfromdriftwood.com/category/black-community-spotlight/.