Illinois marches on Springfield for marriage equality

Today, New Jersey became the 14th state to enact marriage equality, but tomorrow marriage equality advocates in Illinois are marching on the state capitol to ensure their state isn't far behind.

The March on Springfield for Marriage Equality will take place on October 22, 2013, the scheduled first day of the fall veto session of the Illinois State Legislature. The "March on Springfield" is part of a broad grassroots strategy to secure final passage of Illinois Senate Bill 10, the "Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act."

The bill was already approved by the Illinois Senate and with Governor Pat Quinn's support, but was pulled from the House floor on the last day of the spring session. Rep. Greg Harris vowed to bring the measure back during the veto session, which starts tomorrow.

The March on Springfield will include a full day of marching, rallying, meeting with elected officials, musical performances from Steve Grand, KOKUMO, and others, as well as speakers, including Pastor Jamie B. Frazier, Marquell Smith, Dr. Jonna Cooley, and Vernita Gray.

GLAAD has been supporting marriage equality efforts in Illinois by calling on the Illinois media to hold anti-gay voices accountable for their hateful statements, and many in the media have responded by doing just that - giving residents a clear picture of exactly where opposition to marriage equality comes from.

GLAAD is also providing media training for Illinois marriage equality advocates, most notably leaders from the state's faith community who have taken the lead in advocating for marriage equality in the state. 

Once adopted, Illinois will become the latest state to treat all of its citizens equally under state marriage laws. 


If you are in Illinois, join the March on Springfield for Marriage Equality. Make signs. Bundle up. Visit your elected officials. Enjoy the rally.  Let Illinois know that you want marriage equality in the state.

If you can't be in Illinois, take part on social media to show your support for marriage equality.

  • Visit the March on Springfield web page for complete details for the march, rally, and logistics.
  • Visit the March on Springfield Facebook page to see bios on speakers, musicians, and see signs being made for the march.
  • For Twitter: tweet the following: I support @IllinoisMarches March on Springfield. Bring marriage equality to Illinois! #IL4M