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Raymond Braun's inspiring video about LGBT youth homelessness in the South

Raymond Braun highlights the story of Ryan, an LGBT youth from Atlanta who was helped out of homelessness by Lost n Found Youth.Read More

VIDEO: Kids react to SCOTUS marriage equality ruling

Kids react with support and enthusiasm when they learn about nationwide marriage equality in the U.S.Read More

Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres show support for young gay Human of New York

Hillary and Ellen express support and care for a gay young person who is worried about what his future holds. Read More

VIDEO: Beyoncé shows her support for historic SCOTUS marriage equality ruling

Beyoncé is showing the world her support of the LGBT community and the nationwide marriage equality ruling! Decked out in rainbows, she dances to her song 7/11 and shows us how happy she is that #LoveWins!

Read More

Miley Cyrus launches #InstaPride campaign

Miley Cyrus creates a campaign to increase awareness and acceptance of transgender and genderqueer individuals. Read More

How to be a good ally at Pride

GLAAD's Alexandra Bolles speaks to Mic about acknowledging trans and bi movement leaders and being a good ally at PrideRead More

Stonewall Inn declared an official NYC landmark

The Stonewall Inn, widely considered the birthplace of the America's modern LGBT movement, is officially made an NYC landmark.Read More

The WWE is standing up for the LGBT community. They've #GotYourBack!

The WWE superstars show their support for the LGBT community by participating in the #GotYourBack campaign. Read More
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