Posts by Isabel Levin, Social Media Intern

Ugandan LGBT publication, Bombastic Magazine, is making a huge impact

Bombastic Magazine is telling the authentic stories of LGBT Ugandans and creating positive change for the LGBT community in Uganda - and they need your help. Read More

Jamaican LGBT advocates to host country's first Pride event

Jamaica's first Pride celebration will happen throughout the first week of AugustRead More

Discovery Digital explains sex and gender terms in new video

"Sex and Gender Terms Explained" covers important terminology associated with gender identity.Read More

#21AceStories is amplifying asexual voices from around the world

#21AceStories amplifies asexual voices and discusses common misconceptions about asexuality Read More

VIDEO: Shane Bitney Crone celebrates Pride with GLAAD

Shane Bitney Crone comes to New York City to visit Stonewall Inn and GLAAD at Pride! Read More

US and Canada soccer stars share beautiful wedding on social media

Just after Team USA won the World Cup, professional soccer player Ella Masar won the heart of her new wife, Canada's star goalkeeper Erin McLeod. Read More

WATCH: YouTubers hold hands to show the level of homophobia in Moscow

A social experiment shows the abuse LGBT couples face when they simply hold hands in public in Moscow, Russia. Read More

Out pop star Who Is Fancy discusses identity and representation in new music videos

Fancy talks about identity, representation, and amplifying voices to accelerate acceptance with his three music videos.Read More
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