Husbands Digital Comic Spinoff Releases First Installment 'Drawn In'

The wildly popular web series Husbands released the first of a six-issue digital comic book spinoff today on Dark Horse Digital. The comics, written by Husbands writers and creators Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, are based on the series but take place in alternate universes including a superhero showdown, fairytale fantasy, an outer space battle, high school comedy, a noir mystery, and a secret-spy thrill ride. Husbands #1: Drawn In is available for $0.99 exclusively through the Dark Horse Comics free app for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Husbands the web series is a comedy set in a world in which full marriage equality is achieved and follows Cheeks, a famous actor, and Brady, his baseball-star husband, as they learn to navigate newly-married life following a drunken wedding in Las Vegas. The series has earned itself a highly loyal fanbase that helped raise over $60K for the show’s second season, which included guest appearances from stars such as Joss Whedon (Avengers and Buffy director), Felicia Day, Amber Benson, Jon Cryer, Mekhi Phifer and others.

In the comic book version, the couple receives a mysterious present following their Vegas wedding that leads them on their thematic adventures. The first installment takes place in a super hero universe with Brady as “Light Fantastic” and Cheeks as “Chet Deckfin,” a vintage super hero and a bold reporter with his own secrets and agenda, respectively. Husbands the Comic will be exclusively in a digital format until March 2013 when the collection will be offered as a bound hardcopy. Check out an exclusive panel from the first issue on AfterElton and read the interview with Jane Espenson, Brad Bell, and Sean Hemeon and check out Husbands the series on YouTube.