How many Christian schools have anti-gay policies?

A Wilmington, North Carolina elementary school is instituting a policy that its students may not have an LGBT family member. Wilmington Faith and Values is exploring if this practice is widespread. 

Ross Murray, director of news at GLAAD, said most anti-gay covenants in Christian schools are at a high school or college level. But he notes because the school is private, it can control who goes there.

“These private schools are within the law to refuse to associate with anyone who is LGBT identified, however just because it is legal does not make it right,” he said. “These schools are refusing to recognize the reality of people around them, opting to put on blinders and shun anyone who doesn’t share the same prejudice they do. These covenants or purity codes really express a distorted misunderstanding of what Christianity is.”

State representative Suzi Hamilton (D-New Hanover) called the policy “discriminatory” and raised questions of whether or not the school would be eligible for the state’s new opportunity scholarship program. That program, approved in the last General Assembly session, would fund scholarships for low-income families to attend private schools.

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