How to be a good ally at Pride

To accelerate acceptance for the LGBT community, it is vital to have dedicated straight and cisgender allies and for them to know how to be effective, respectful allies. GLAAD's Alexandra Bolles recently spoke with Mic, the prominent online outlet covering substanitive news for young adults, about what it means to be a good ally during Pride Month.

 Mic's Identities section featured her in an article called, "The Straight Allies Guide to LGBT Pride." The article explained the importance of Pride celebrations, giving historical context and advice to the allies who attend. Bolles told Mic, "At Pride, allies are essentially guests in the LGBT folks' 'home': Follow the lead of the people around you, listen to what your LGBT peers have to say, take part in the celebration — but remember it's first and foremost about LGBT people."

For the first time last year, the Boy Scouts of America participated in New York Pride, represented by both allies and LGBT people who showed a great commitment to furthering the movement. Alexandra had the opportunity to march with them, representing GLAAD.

Boy Scouts march at NYC Pride for the first time

Alexandra also highlighted the erasure of transgender and bisexual people that is seen frequently at Pride celebrations. "People often overlook the integral role that trans and bi people played in Pride's origination, from Stonewall to organizing the first official Pride events. When we participate in Pride, we pay tribute to their contributions and dedication to the community," she told Mic. It's important to acknowledge transgendere and bisexual people and their invaluable historic and  ongoing roles in the LGBT movment.. LGBT people need to be understanding and accepting towards members of their own community, just as allies are encouraged to be.

Another way to show respect and support for the LGBT community is by participating in GLAAD's #GotYourBack campaign. A great way for allies to be vocal about their support at Pride is to take a #GotYourBack photo and share it online to speak out about the importance of LGBT acceptance. Every voice helps amplify the message of support and acceptance, and ultimately creates more allies. Positive social change for the LGBT community arrives when more and more people have #GotYourBack!

#GotYourBack participants