Hotty Toddy! Oxford, Mississippi passes pro-LGBT resolution

Oxford, Mississippi unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the dignity and worth of all residents, including those in the LGBT community. The city, which plays host to Ole Miss, joins two other Mississippi cities that have passed similar resolutions.

The news comes as legislators in the state are considering a "religious freedom" bill similar to the one recently vetoed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. LGBT groups say the bill could create a "license to discriminate."

The city of Oxford was recently in LGBT news when students and football players from Ole Miss disrupted a student production of the Laramie Project. Audience members allegedly used anti-gay slurs to heckle actors on stage. The university responded by requiring all audience members to attend a session about why using anti-gay slurs is wrong.

Oxford's new resolution is a welcome step forward for Mississippi. Alderman Jay Hughes said, "Diversity is what made and continues to make this country amazing.  It strengthens and enhances the experiences of everyone, to understand that it is our differences from which we learn and make us stronger."