#HonorThemWithAction offers 49 ways to respect lives claimed at Pulse

To mark one year since the unprecedented mass shooting that claimed 49 lives at Pulse Night Club, advocates for the Orlando LGBTQ community are mobilizing organizations and people around the world to recognize those who were taken that night and their surviving families with #HonorThemWithAction. GLAAD is a proud partner of the campaign, which is also accessible in Spanish.

This campaign offers tangible and meaningful ways to create a culture of safety, acceptance, and equality in order to honor the memory of the lives claimed in the horrific 2016 attack, who were overwhelmingly young, Latinx, and LGBTQ. By acknowledging and defending those intersecting identities, partners and participants of #HonorThemWithAction commit to combating hatred and creating lasting change.

Starting one year from the nation's deadliest attack on LGBTQ people, #HonorThemWithAction suggests new ways to participate daily in the campaign. The first day of action encourages spreading the word by using the hashtag on social media to raise awareness against anti-LGBTQ discrimination and violence. The campaign provides a toolkit for those looking to get invovled online.

As an #HonorThemWithAction partner, GLAAD has created various resources to ensure the people and communities most impacted by the attack on Pulse are not forgotten and that their legacies mobilize others to accelerate aceptance. GLAAD staff was recently on the ground in Orlando equipping survivors and surviving loved ones with the tools to amplify their voices in the media. Additionally, GLAAD created and distributed accessible & sharable guidelines for media professionals looking to accurately, fairly, and respectfully cover the one-year mark of the attack, which are available in English and in Spanish.

GLAAD also released a video of LGBTQ young advocates and influencers discussing the importance of safe, welcoming, and affirming places for LGBTQ people, who often face rejection and violence for being who they are:

Over the past year, GLAAD has been working alongside organizations in Orlando, such as Equality Florida, to assist in honoring the victims and their families. "The horrific attack on Latin night at Pulse nightclub is a tragic reminder of how far we have left to go to achieve full acceptance of LGBTQ people," said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

You can sign up here to become a Pulse Partner and tell the world about what you are doing to uproot anti-LGBTQ bias and bigotry in honor of the lives claimed in Orlando one year ago.