Honey Maid debuts new ad with Latino dad and his gay son and son-in-law

Honey Maid recently premiered an ad in Spanish in which a dad talks about accepting his adult gay son and son-in-law.

Part of its "This Is Wholesome" campaign, the spot features a Latino dad who says, "I didn't know your partner would be a man. It was a shock. I thought I had lost my son. Now I realize I have two." The ad shows the men with their kids, and the dad then says "I think any child would be lucky to have dads like you." Other ads in the campaign broach the subjects of Islamaphobia, and adoption and another shows a dad who's a double amputee.

"This latest chapter for Honey Maid is going one step further to celebrate their stories of acceptance and show how acceptance can foster love and friendship within families and among neighbors," Katrina Plummer, equity brand manager for Honey Maid told Adweek.