Homophobic App Claims to Tell Mothers Whether Their Sons Are Gay

A new app available in the Android Market called “Is My Son Gay?” targets mothers and claims that by asking 20 questions, it can determine their son’s sexual orientation. The app was developed by Emmene Moi, a French company that produced the original version (“Mon Fils Est-Il Gay?”). Critics of the app have pointed out its use of ridiculous stereotypes in the questions it asks mothers, such as whether their son likes football or whether a father figure is missing in his life. Even worse, if the app ‘determines’ that their son is not gay, it tells the mother that they do not have to worry because they will still get to experience being a grandmother.

Emmene Moi has defended the app, saying that it was meant as a humorous way of helping mothers accept their gay sons. However, as Barbara Walters points out on a recent episode of The View, the questions used by “Is My Son Gay?” reinforce harmful misconceptions about sexual orientation, such as blaming the parent. “This is the worst kind of stereotype,” Barbara told her cohosts. “I see nothing funny about this.” GLAAD’s Acting President, Mike Thompson, also commented on the matter, saying, “Socially responsible companies should have standards that prevent such offensive and derogatory content. The “Is My Son Gay?" app promotes inaccurate stereotypes about gay people and should be removed immediately."

International LGBT advocacy group AllOut has started an online petition asking that Google’s development team to remove the “Is My Son Gay?” app from the Android Marketplace. So far, the petition has garnered over 30,000 signatures. Addressing Google, AllOut emphasizes that, “…The app implies that being gay means you’re weird and that your parents did something wrong to make you that way.” GLAAD encourages our constituents to make their voices heard and let Google know that homophobia is never humorous or harmless.