Hey, it's not just celebrities going purple for #SpiritDay!

It's really easy during Spirit Day to focus on the celebrities and high profile figures, but the reality is that millions of everyday people are going purple. Here's a post to highlight the everyday folk who stepped out to go purple.

Here's to you!

This guy used the Spirit Day app.

These nails are opposed to bullying.

This hand-drawn graphic reminds us to "Be kind."

These purple jewels are nice.

This lady turned her hair purple.

This lady is rocking the purple pants.

This mother/daugher combo is like a double whammy for bullying

This guy is clearly against bullying. 

This girl is some Spirit Day superhero.

I don't know what this guy is wearing, but it's certainly purple.

This is an instagram slideshow of people posting with the hashtag #SpiritDay