Here's why the Black Trans Lives Matter film from Google is significant

The short film Google released today, set against Shea Diamond's single "American Pie," was produced as a result of Google Trends Search data revealing that Americans are seeking to understand the epidemic of violence facing Black trans people, particularly women, and looking for ways to support the Black trans community. In the first eight months of 2020, at least 26 trans people have been killed, the majority of them trans women of color. 

When users look below Google's search bar today, they will see a link to find out more about "how America is searching to support Black trans communities."

According to the data from Google, the following terms are being searched at an all-time high, indicating a heightened cultural awareness and interest to learn how to be better allies:

  • "transphobia" 
  • "trans homeless"
  • "trans healthcare"
  • "black trans people killed"
  • "trans rights"
  • "trans women are women"
  • "black trans lives matters"

As reported by Colorlines, Google confirmed that people are also searching for terms “Black trans organizations,” “trans activists” and “how to be a good ally.”

Featured in the film are trans artists and activists being searched on the platform including Raquel Willis, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Laverne Cox, Shea Diamond, Andrea Jenkins, Tiq Milan, and Brian Michael Smith.

Watch the full film and visit to learn more.