Help the the Tides Foundation create safe spaces for LGBTQ youth

The Safe Spaces Project sponsored by the Tides Foundation is located in College Park, Maryland and aims to create welcoming environments where LGBTQ youth can grow.

It has been proven that LGBTQ youth are more likely than others to be targeted for violence and bullying, and also more commonly experience homelessness and suicidal ideations. The goal of the Safe Spaces Project is to provide an effective solution to these issues, and ultimately help struggling LGBTQ youth develop into successful adults.

The Tides Foundation Safe Spaces Project is currently seeking help to build an inventory of LGBTQ youth-serving organizations or programs. They hope to create large scale service, capacity building and policy needs for these youth. All such organizations are encouraged to involve themselves, and it can be done by taking a simple survey. Help this Foundation spread the word by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, like us!