Help AT&T and the Trevor Project celebrate LGBT History Month

In honor of LGBT History Month this October, AT&T has launched an exciting project called "Love, Making History" to celebrate LGBTQ love in everyday life.

The project comes at an important point in LGBT history, with growing acceptance from the public and a landmark Supreme Court case leading to federal recognition of same-sex marriages for the first time. Neither of these two accomplishments could have been achieved without the love and devotion demonstrated by LGBT couples before the nation, and it is doubtlessly true that the significant hurdles towards universal acceptance still present today will eventually give way to the same forces. In an effort to allow love to beget even more love, AT&T will donate the proceeds from the campaign to the Trevor Project, the nation's leading non-profit organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBT youth.

Despite the great strides made in recent years, LGBT youth remain four times more likely to attempt suicide than straight peers, while over half of transgender youth have attempted suicide. LGBT youth from families which reject them have even higher rates of attempted suicide. The Trevor Project offers a safety net to at-risk-youths who may otherwise have none, providing expert counseling to discourage suicide and save lives. AT&T has already pledged a minimum of $25k to the Trevor Project, but will give up to $100k depending on participation from the public.

This is where you come in. From now until November 11th, you can log on to and help raise $1 in each of the following three, easy ways:

1. Share the website.

2. Share one of the site's videos created by Lance Bass and Pauley Perrette for the project.

3. Submit a story that represents the "Love, Making History" theme. By participating, you will not only be helping to spread the good news about LGBT love in this historic moment for gay rights, you will be helping to improve the lives of LGBT youth.

So, take a few minutes and log on to the website and make a contribution. And don't forget to help spread the word to your friends, facebook and twitter followers, and anyone you know interested in helping the cause; the more people who know, the more money will be donated, and the bigger the impact will be.