Health Care Workers Must Out LGBT Ugandans, According to New Guidelines

According to the Advocate, a new revision of draft guidelines for Ugandan health care workers will potentially require them to report an LGBT patient to the authorities. As Buzzfeed reports, the revision of the "Draft Guidelines for Health Workers Regarding Health Services for Homosexuals," will make health care workers in Uganda  the "frontline enforcers of the newly passed Anti-Homosexuality Act". The guidelines state that health care workers have permission to break patient confidentiality in case when the patient is a minor, when the patient has a "compromised" metal health status or can be found guilty of "aggravated homosexuality" under the Ugandan draconian law. According to Buzzfeed, the health services general director Jane Ruth Aceng who signed the guidelines is the author of the original report which convinced the President of Uganda that being LGBT is not innate.

The guidelines can further indanger the LGBT community in Uganda as the must be cautious about the risks of seeking medical professionals.