Head of NC's anti-marriage equality campaign: Gay people 'defying what they were created to be'

Tami Fitzgerald served as the head and chief mastermind of Amendment One, the campaign that placed a discriminatory marriage amendment into the Tar Heel State's constitution. Of course, since that time, the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Virginia's ban on marriage equality was unconstitutional, and then North Carolina's Attorney General, Roy Cooper, announced that the 4th Circuit ruling meant that his case defending the ban was nearly hopeless. He announced that he would drop the defense of Amendment One.

And Fitzgerald has also had a shift in her public statements, but in quite the opposite direction. While she masked the true animus that drove her to that line of work back when the bright lights of the campaign were on her, Ms. Fitzgerald is now coming out and admitting that hers is a cause that goes well beyond marriage and instead apples directly to LGBT people themselves.

Here's her latest:

[SOURCE: Called 2 Action, 7/30/14]

Might North Carolinians have made a different choice had they known that the person driving the supposedly marriage-focused campaign was really out to "save" gay citizens through her personally-held Christian beliefs?