He Doesn't Want to Be Called a Hero, but when the Shoe Fits...

Daniel Hernandez, who helped save the life of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after a 2011 shooting, spent much of the last week sharing his story and serving as a great openly gay Latino role model.

At just 23, Daniel showed the poise and discipline of an experienced media personality, doing over 10 interviews in two days. GLAAD was honored to work with him and his team on his media appearances. Daniel was on Piers Morgan on CNN as well as on CNN en Español. He also did interviews in Spanish, including one on Despierta América, Univision's hugely popular daily morning show. He was on "Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" on MSNBC, did an interview with the Huffington Post Latino Voices, Noticias MundoFox, the Advocate and many others.

One of Daniel's goals in writing the book, They Call Me A Hero: a Memoir of My Youth, was to inspire young Latinos and others to know their value and to understand how much they have to offer by serving their communities. The book was released on February 5, and it he version in Spanish, Me llaman héroe: Recuerdos de mi juventud, will be available tomorrow, February 12.

We look forward to many years of Daniel sharing his story in the media, where his voice reaches millions, and to his work in public life.