Harry Jackson thinks he's found Hollywood's big secret: Fake gays

Margaret Cho has always identified as queer. She has never claimed to be a heterosexual.  As the comedian told CNN a few years back:

"I identify as queer. I've had a lot of same-sex relationships in my life, and I guess it would be bisexual, but to me it's more appropriate to say I am queer. I am also attracted to transgender persons, and bisexual doesn't cover it. I feel like being queer is my politics, it's my life; it's the community I do the most political work in, for the gay, lesbian and the transgender community."
Just because she enters into a relationship with a man does not make her heterosexual, a point Cho herself has been quick to make.
But according to Bishop Harry Jackson, Cho is just one representative of many celebrities who come out as LGBT just for the sake of politics.  And even though this overtly anti-LGBT commentator rightly notes that his claim sounds like propaganda, he goes ahead and makes it anyway:

[SOURCE: The Harry Jackson Show]

The man who has claimed that marriage equality is "a satanic plot to destroy our seed" thinks celebs are the ones pushing the big lie? Adorable.

The truth, of course, is that Hollywood is a creative community where all involved come in contact with living, breathing LGBT people on a daily basis, which is why this community is even more supportive of LGBT equality than the general public. When you know actual LGBT people, the myths and stereotypes don't match the reality you see everyday, as a result, you support them as human beings. It's not about anyone needing to put on a front about their sexuality—it's about LGBT people not being an affront to anyone's individual identity!

If Harry Jackson and his allies want to find more public figures who stand with their anti-equality cause, then they're going to have to find arguments that convince people that discrimination is a good thing, that less equality is the way of the future, and that supporting second class citizenship is a good career move. Until they find that elusive argument that makes sense (hint: they won't find one because there isn't one), then more and more people are going to realize that they are ones the faking for the sake of political gain.