Harry Jackson now a bona fide 'ex-gay' activist

Bishop Harry Jackson is a very prominent conservative commentator, connected to just about every other group that works against us.  

  • When the National Organization For Marriage was fighting us is both Maryland and (especially) in Washington D.C., Jackson served as one of NOM's top on-the-ground surrogates.  NOM also used Jackson to defend itself after those heinous "drive a wedge between gays and blacks" documents came to light.  And this past spring, Jackson was a star speaker at NOM's "march for marriage."
  • Jackson is a major Family Research Council ally.  In addition to appearing at numerous videos, press conferences, and assorted events for the proudly anti-LGBT organization, Jackson also cowrote a book with FRC president Tony Perkins.  
  • Jackson is also majorly aligned with the American Family Association.  Jackson hosts a daily radio program that airs on the AFA's radio network, as part of the AFA's new "Urban Family Communications" division.

Let's be clear: Jackson is about as connected to LGBT politics as any likeminded commentator could ever hope to be.

This being the case, it's both interesting and instructive to know that Mr. Jackson has signed himself up for this gig:

Voice of the Voiceless (VoV) is excited to announce that Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. will deliver the keynote address as a part of the First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner and Reception in Washington, D.C. on September 30, 2013. The event is being hosted by Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), a national non-profit organization that advocates for former homosexuals and their families.

FULL: Bishop Harry Jackson to Keynote First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner on September 30 ["Ex-gay" organization Voice of The Voiceless]

If you look at Jackson's Commentator Accountability Project profile, this "ex-gay" booking won't come as such a big surprise.  This is a man who has said the current push for marriage is just like the times of Hitler, has claimed that LGBT families are "discombobulated, Frankenstein structures" that are "out of order" with God, has repeatedly referred to LGBT rights as an "assault," and thinks marriage equality is part of “a satanic plot to destroy our seed."  If you take him at his own word, it's hard to see how he leaves room for even basic acceptance of LGBT people, much less our relationships and lives out in the world.

Now they key is getting media outlets to take him at his own word!  When those aforementioned mainstream media outlets book Mr. Jackson to speak on LGBT subjects, they tend to address him as a mere opponent of same-sex marriage.  However, with this choice to keynote an event that is 100% geared toward "changing" gay people, Harry Jackson has come out of the closet, so to speak.  In the clearest way possible, this man—who, again, is as entrenched in anti-LGBT politics as anyone—has now removed any and all pretense about what he really wants.  He doesn't want to stop at marriage, obviously.  He doesn't even want to stop at our protections, and our very existance.  Harry Jackson is now a part of this uniquely fringe "ex-gay" organization and its sweeping (read: completely anti-scientific) agenda.

Hopefully Jackson is getting something lucrative out of the deal, considering this booking is now a definitive part of his political legacy.