Happy Mother's Day, GLAAD Moms!

Mother's Day is a day to reflect on the role that moms play in all our lives. You may be getting flowers or dinner ready for your own mom. Perhaps you are not able to be with her and remembering her. Perhaps your mom is someone who hasn't been there for you. On Mother's Day this year, GLAAD would like to lift up some of the exceptional mothers that we have been working with for the past year. They are women who have been dedicated to their family through many obstacles. Post these graphics on social media to thank them, and all the mothers who make lives better for LGBT people. 

Jeanne Manford

Jeanne Manford famously marched in what is now the New York Pride Parade with her son, Morty, which led to the formation of the national organization PFLAG. Jeanne passed away earlier this year at the age of 92. She has been posthumously honored with the 2012 Presidential Citizens Medal, and the church where the first PFLAG meetings were held now bears a plaque that honors her memory. She became a model of the ideal mother to LGBT children, supporting and inspiring other parents.


Waudda & Manasin Faried

Waudda and Manasin raised a basketball star nicknamed "Manimal." Their son, Kenneth is a forward for the Denver Nuggets and an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality. His mom, Waudda, taught Kenneth the importance of rebounding, and now he is one of the best in the NBA. Kenneth was joined by his two moms when he spoke up publically for civil unions in Colorado, as well as offering words of support and congratulations to Jason Collins when he came out. He credits his moms with his advocacy.


Jennifer Finney Boylan

Jennifer Finney Boylan has been exploring what motherhood and fatherhood means, through her experience as a transgender mother of two sons. She recently wrote Stuck in the Middle With You: Parenthood in Three Genders, which released last month. Her family has been in the media to talk about their family, and what life is like with a transgender mom. The family recenly shared their story with Brian Williams of "Rock Center."

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Kathryn Mathis

Kathryn has been struggling to get her local school to allow her transgender daughter, Coy, to use the correct restroom at her school. Even though she is only 6 years old, Coy has been a visible transgender advocate, with her loving mother by her side. The family recently told their story to Katie Couric, bringing awareness to the lives of transgender children. 


Jennifer Tyrrell

In April of 2012, Jennifer Tyrrell was told that she could no longer be the Den Mother for her son Cruz's Scout troop because she is gay. Now, just over a year later, the ban on gay scouts and leaders may be about to fall. Jennifer has been a tireless advocate for inclusion in the Boy Scouts, because she wants to be a good mother to her children. The best Mother's Day gift for Jennifer would be serving once again as Den Mother for Cruz's troop.

Thank these five women by posting their graphics on social media, and let us know in the comments below who else has been a mother that has advanced LGBT equality.

Happy Mother's Day!