Happily Divorced producer Peter Marc Jacobson opens up to GLAAD about Fran Drescher, The Nanny, and life as a gay man

Peter Marc Jacobson – perhaps best known as co-creator, writer and executive producer of the hit comedy series The Nanny -- is taking time out of his busy schedule to act as Event Chair for GLAAD Hancock Park: Top Chef Invasion, taking place in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 29.

Currently, Peter acts as executive producer of the hit sitcom Happily Divorced on TV Land, which was inspired by his personal life with actress Fran Drescher, who also stars in the series. Fran will serve as Celebrity Host at the event.

Peter was kind enough to answer some of our questions and provide some insight about his support for equality, as well as his work in the television industry.

GLAAD: You’ve done so much for the LGBT community as an openly gay man in terms of coming out and sharing your story with the world already – what has the reaction been to your sexual orientation in the industry?

PMJ: The industry has been great! They supported me, and in fact, there is a television show about my relationship with Fran. I’d say it’s been a very rewarding experience.

GLAAD: What about GLAAD’s work to share stories of LGBT people through the media has made you want to lend your time and talent in order to work with the organization?

PMJ: What’s important about GLAAD’s work is showing that the gay, transgender, and bisexual experience are as varied and interesting as the straight experience.

GLAAD: Currently, you work with Fran on the hit sitcom Happily Divorced on TV Land. It has been made public that the show puts a comedic twist on events that are inspired by your personal life with each other; is it therapeutic in a sense to put this out there for the world to see?

PMJ: Yes, sometimes it is very therapeutic. We get a chance to write and say the things we wanted to say. However, sometimes it can be sad and bittersweet, but it’s a story not very uncommon in society today.

GLAAD: The two of you worked together on The Nanny. How is it to be back together again professionally?

PMJ: We worked on The Nanny and divorced right after. The last few years of our relationship were hard because we were working together and breaking up. We loved each other, but the marriage was over. We thought of The Nanny as our baby, it was a blessing in so many ways and we are so grateful to have had it. Now, on Happily Divorced, we can fight and yell over a line, but we get to go home to a different home. It’s a lot easier!

GLAAD: The show is not afraid to push the envelope; how far are you willing to push the envelope as the show progresses?

PMJ: Yes, we are pushing envelopes. The show has come a long way since the pilot. If it is a true story based on truth and love, you can’t go wrong with pushing the envelope.

GLAAD: As one of the hardest working men in the business, both professionally and philanthropically, we know that you have something new up your sleeve – what’s next for Peter Marc Jacobson?

PMJ: I have been asked to get involved in many different shows, so I’m looking for the perfect fit. I’m so grateful to have a show on the air, and on my hiatus I love to travel – I want my life to be balanced.

GLAAD: What’s your message to young gay people today?

PMJ: My message for gay or straight people today is to follow your truth. Be kind and understand that your experience may not be the same as the next person’s, but that doesn’t make it bad. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were all the same?

To join Peter at GLAAD Hancock Park: Top Chef Invasion on July 29th, click here. At the event, guests will enjoy delicious food prepared by some of the most renowned chefs in Los Angeles, as well as fabulous music, the opportunity to bid on an eclectic assortment of silent auction items, and receive a gift bag at the end of the night.

Other celebrity guests include Lisa Vanderpump (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), writer and LGBT advocate Perez Hilton, celebrity chef Stuart O’Keeffe, Kim Coles (Are You Normal, America?), Jai Rodriguez (Malibu Country). Stay tuned for additional celebrity guests as well as surprise announcements.

View photos from past events below.


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