Guest Post: Isis King's Thoughts on All Stars Premiere

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By Isis King

Isis King is a self-proclaimed Renaissance woman and America's Next Top Model's only transgender contestant. The cycle 11 vet, who famously transitioned on television, returned to ANTM as one of 14 all star models and blogs exclusively for TV Watch about cycle 17's premiere episode.

In this post, the fan-favorite poser sounds off about the show's model-mansion, wearing a revealing bikini, being judged by rapper Nicki Minaj and landing on top with the coveted photo of the week:

I walked into the mansion (which made the cycle 11 house look like an apartment in comparison) full of beautiful Top Models with intriguing personalities that matched.

Although I knew my complete transition (I had sex reassignment surgery in 2009) would be discussed as a refresher for those who haven't kept up with my story, I must admit I was a little taken aback by seeing my "pre-transition picture" featured in the premiere episode.

Nonetheless I was excited to jump right back in during the photo shoot – even though I had on the skimpiest outfit out of the models. But I anxiously busted out of my robe to flaunt a nude bikini, copper chainmail vest and Christian Louboutins for the first photo shoot.

The theme of the shoot was revisiting our personas from our original cycles, mine being "confidence." And I did just that, showing what I am known for: unique posing. And this put me in a good position at our live judging panel in front of hundreds of fans and Nicki Minaj, who was an amazing guest judge.

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