Guest Post: Honoring Our Trans Community Activists; The Trans 100

Editor's note: As part of GLAAD's mission to raise visiblity around LGBT people, we encourage everyone to submit the names of trans individuals who have impacted your life and community. 

By Noah Alvarez and Jen Richards

We Happy Trans and This is HOW are calling for submissions to the first ever Trans 100, an annual list the acknowledges the service of trans activists in communities across the country.

As the trans community seeks to celebrate their own,The Trans 100 is a collective recognition of the many activists working to improve the conditions and lives of trans people. 

The Trans 100 List is also a direct effort to combat the harmful images of Trans* people in the media as well as a celebration, and lifting-up of our community heros. and have teamed up to provide an opportunity for people within the community and all people affected by LGBTQ issues to publicly affirm their community mentors, organizers, activists, educators, and friends who are transgender. We want the world to know the beautiful, powerful forces behind the trans move toward equality. Without the people who are doing the work every day to inspire and effect change for all trans* people, we would not be able to move forward as a collective whole.

We encourage community members to nominate individuals, particularly persons of color, those working quietly behind the scenes, and the otherwise unsung heroes. All the nominees will be listed for a 2nd round of community  voting, with the final 100 list published early in the new year. The Trans 100 is not a contest: the list will be unranked, and the vote tally will not be publicized. It is intended to applaud the hard work of those in our community, and as a resource to showcase the breadth, depth and diversity of our activism.

The form for submitting nominating the forms can be accessed here. All questions should be directed to  For more on the origin of the idea, see Toni D’Orsay’s blog here.

Update: we intend to publish the final list on or just before March 31, 2013, in conjunction with Transgender Day of Visibility.