Growing LGBT acceptance matches growing LGBT population in the South

The Williams Institute, a think-tank at UCLA Law dedicated to conducting independent research on LGBT-related laws and public policies, released new research which shows that public support for LGBT people and rights is growing in every Southern state. Since the early 2000's, attitudes about marriage for same-sex couples have been improving across Southern states. The statistics also reveal economic and health disparities faced by LGBT Southerners. "Thirty-five percent of the LGBT population in the United States lives in the South, where they are more likely to lack employment protections, earn less than $24,000 a year, and a report that they cannot afford food or healthcare," the report indicated. "More new HIV infections among men who have sex with men come from the South than any other region in the country. Southern LGBT individuals are also less likely to have insurance than anywhere else in the country." 


The report shows support for LGBT people accross every state in the South since the year 2000. The following graph shows growing support for marriage equality across Southern states. 

This information comes at a time when harmful anti-LGBT legislation is being considered in some Southern states, most notably Georgia's "First Amendment Defense Act."  As a part of our Southern Stories initiative, GLAAD recently released media guides to ensure positive portrayal and build acceptance of the LGBT community in Southern states.

You can find a state-by-state breakdown of The Williams Institute findings on LGBT Southerners here