Group Raising Funds To Bring Marriage Equality Ad To U.S. Television

Australia’s memorable marriage equality video ad, “It’s time,” could air on networks across the United States through the work of an organization focused on bringing grass roots media to mainstream attention. Social Teeth has started an online donation campaign to raise $50,000 so that millions of Americans can experience the brilliance of “It’s time” and take away its important message. In addition to its media goals, Social Teeth will donate 3% of funds raised to the Australian equality organization Get Up! that released the ad in October 2011. Since then, “It’s time” has accrued nearly 6,000,000 views on YouTube, speaking to its significant impact on public opinion of lesbian and gay couples.

Social Teeth plans to broaden the impact of “It’s time,” but it needs the support of donors to do so. You can help by making a donation to the campaign, or by spreading the work on social media and linking to the campaign’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. The campaign will be accepting online donations until October 10. Elevating this video ad and its message can help advocates working to change hearts and minds in favor of legislation that would grant the same protections received by straight married couples to their lesbian and gay counterparts.