Groundbreaking Transgender Studies Quarterly released

Last year, the University of Arizona announced the Transgender Studies Quarterly (TSQ), the first non-medical academic journal devoted to transgender issues, would be released this year. According to, Duke University Press has just released the inaugural volume, titled "Postposttranssexual: Key Concepts for a 21st Century Transgender Studies."

According to co-editor Susan Stryker, Ph.D. in TSQ's Kickstarter campaign video, the journal is a necessity to:

"…create a different way for ‘transgender’ to be important, to be significant, to be intelligible in ways that break out of ‘What do non-transgender people want ‘trans’ to be for them?'"

TSQ's Kickstarter campaign successfully raised over $24,000 to minimize startup costs. And during TSQ's initial call for submissions, the journal received so much support and interest that the first volume has been turned into a book-length double issue, totaling nearly 300 pages.

The journal's editorial board and special guest editors are already working on a subsequent six volumes, covering themes that include decolonization, data collection, teaching, and archiving. The thematic approach aims to illustrate how transgender issues intersect with wide-ranging academic disciplines, and attract scholars who had never before considered transgender issues relevant to their own research.

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