Groundbreaking event to create safe, fun space for LA's bisexual community

On June 20 in downtown Los Angeles, the first-ever large-scale social event for bisexual young adults in the United States will make its debut at The Continental Club, in partnership with OkCupid, amBi Los Angeles (the nation's biggest social group for bi people) , and Mix Professionals. The event is designed for single people in bi+ community--folks who identify as bisexual, pansexual, queer, fluid, or otherwise--who want a safe space to meet and hang out with fellow community members.

Bisexual erasure can be a pervasive issue, especially when it comes to dating. When two women are dating, for example, many people assume that both women identify as lesbians, when in reality, one or more of them might identify as bisexual. This mixer seeks to address that erasure by encouraging bisexual identification and visibility for those in relationships.

In addition, bisexual identities are not always respected by those they are in relationships with. According to the research done by the Bisexual Resource Center, rates of interpersonal violence in relationships are extremely high for those in the bisexual community. This is usually tied to anti-bisexual attitudes and sentiments from straight or gay partners, as bi people often face invalidation from both straight and gay communities. With this mind, event organizers seek to create a safe space where stereotypes are not at the forefront of one's relationship.

This event, which is being advertised as the "Young Single Bisexuals Game Night Mixer," begins promptly at 7:00 pm with a social hour of ice breakers. At 8:00 pm, attendees will have the chance to meet a variety of new faces and put their skills to the test as they play a variety of games including Cards Against Humanity, Jenga, Uno, Connect Four, and Spoons.

Best-selling romance author Alex Anders, who is bi, is the mastermind and organizer of this event. In a video from his channel of Vlogs, he talks about the difficulty he had coming to terms with his identity: feeling alone and believing that no one would ever love or accept him. But the Young Single Bisexuals Game Night Mixer will give a voice to a community that is often left unrecognized, both in the media and in everyday life.

Aside from the three main sponsors, this event has received support from BuzzFeed Video, which plans to create a video series about the event and the topic of bisexuality. Such mainstream attention to bi people's experiences helps to counteract bi erasure and build acceptance for bi+ identities.

If the first event is successful, OkCupid plans to sponsor additional events in other parts of the country for people from different age groups.

Check out Bisexuals Are Cooler for more information about this event!

Event Details:

The Continental Club
116 West 4th Street, Downtown L.A.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
June 20th, 7 pm to 10 pm
$10 for admission (cash only)
Stylish attire required