Great piece in "Latina" on Florida & Puerto Rican women who fought for marriage equality

Latina Magazine, which is often LGBT-inclusive, features a story in its December 2015/January 2016 issue on Florida and Puerto Rican advocates who fought for marriage equality. The story, by Raquel Reichard, includes Maritza López Aviles and Iris Delia Rivera Rivera of Puerto Rico and Cathy Pareto and Karla Arguello of Florida. Pareto and Arguello were among the couples who sued Florida (and won!) for the right to marry. Sadly, after that historic win, the women found themselves facing another battle. When their twins were born in August, according to the article, the hospital refused to list both moms on the birth certificate. The women are now part of a court case challenging Florida's policies on same-sex parents. This issue of Latina is on newsstands now.

On the same subject of recognition of same-sex parents in the, New York Times reports that, on December 9, a Puerto Rico court ruled that one of two moms who had conceived of a baby with her partner, could adopt the child.