Great Caesar features same-sex couples in video for 'Don't Ask Me Why'

Yesterday the Brooklyn-based band Great Caesar premiered the music video for their song "Don't Ask Me Why," which features two interracial same-sex couples in stories of persecution and acceptance.  The video was recently featured on Upworthy and has been tweeted out by Wyclef Jean, Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Arsenio Hall, Mýa, Eve, Wade Davis, and many others.  Though it's only been available for a day, it already has over 70,000 views on YouTube.  NFL players Ayanbedejo and Davis also lent their support to the Kickstarter campaign that helped fund the video.

John-Michael Parker, Great Caesar's front man, was recently interviewed in The Advocate about the video and other LGBT issues.  When asked why he felt it was important to take a stand for LGBT equality, he said that when the band "saw the opportunity to tell a story that might help folks reconsider the assumptions and judgments they make about [LGBT] identities, or, better yet, not pressure people to take on an insufficient label in the first place, we jumped at it."

You can view the video for "Don't Ask Me Why" below.