Graduating in style: Why students wore rainbow striped socks at their graduation ceremony

This past weekend the graduating students at Vanier Catholic Secondary School in Whitehorse, the largest city in northern Canada, filed in to their graduation ceremony in rainbow striped socks in support of the school's newly established gay-straight alliance. Vanier is a Catholic school, and states that it bases its school policy on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, which calls being gay "intrinsically disordered."

In March of last year, openly gay students began speaking up and advocating for change within the school. A document calling homosexuality a disorder was removed from the school's websiteLater that month, student protesters went to the legislature to demand the school to allow for the creation of a gay-straight alliance (GSA). Since the school is publicly funded, students were supported by taxpayers, who wanted to provide opportunity for the students. 

With the help of the protesters and supportive teachers and parents, the courageous students stood up for what they believed in and were able to see their dreams of a GSA come into fruition before they graduated. 45 out of the 81 graduating students wore rainbow striped socks at the ceremony to celebrate their victory, show their support for the GSA, and signal their ongoing will to fight for love and equality.

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