Google Includes Same-Sex Couple in Valentine's Day Doodle

If you let this morning's Google Doodle play all the way through  - after the jumping rope part, which is adorable -  you will see several images of happy couples celebrating Valentine's Day.  One of those couples happens to be two men, in what appear to be tuxes, holding hands on what looks like their wedding day.

And sure, the other couples include a dog and a cat, a fairytale princess and what I'm assuming is her frog prince, a cookie and some milk, and an astronaut with a one-eyed alien squid thing. But what's important is that Google recognizes that today is about celebrating love - whether it's existing love for those who are in relationships, or potential love for those who aren't. Seven consecutive polls have shown a majority of Americans in support of full marriage equality, so Google is right in line with the rest of America in recognizing that the love that same-sex couples share is the same as the love that all couples share.

Except maybe the cookie and milk.

Today we encourage all media to include members of the LGBT community in its celebrations of love. We invite anyone writing or reporting on Valentine's Day to read through our Valentine's Day Resource Kit for tips on how to follow Google's lead and celebrate all love.