Google Hosts World AIDS Day Hangout with Acclaimed Documentary,'How to Survive a Plague'

On Dec. 3, the first business day following World AIDS Day, Google will be hosting a How to Survive a Plague Google+ Hangout from its New York City headquarters.  The live interactive hangout at 8:00pm EST will feature director and producer David France as well as HIV/AIDS activist Peter Staley and singer-songwriter Angelique Kidjo.

During the hangout, you can tweet questions about ACT UP, social justice activism and HIV/AIDS, using the hashtag #howtosurvive.  Find out more here.

How to Survive a Plague is an unflinching and powerfully moving look at how the activists behind groups like ACT UP forced the medical establishment into action following its tragically stunted response to the HIV/AIDS crisis.  The film made a big impact at its Sundance Premiere earlier this year, and opened in theaters last September.  Watch the trailer below.